How Many Stories Can you get out of One Weekend?



My oldest son Ray with a very unhappy palm tree.

My oldest son Ray with a very unhappy palm tree.

I was in Dallas last weekend for Winter Storm Dion and Icemageddon and, yes, I survived to tell the tale! But rather than simply surviving, I decided to turn the experience into a means of thriving. How am I doing that? As you know, my philosophy is that stories can be found anywhere, if you look hard enough. I met so many interesting people (and observed and eavesdropped shamelessly on dozens more) on this arduous trip. Getting to Dallas and back involved many travel difficulties, a number of cancellations, an exposure to a whole new way of dealing with natural disasters, and not just a little fear that I would never make it back home alive again. I’ve found that the best antidotes for fear are humor and writing. Here are a few writing projects that I’m currently working on based on my Dallas experience.

  • A short story about the worst four-hour airline flight I have ever taken, bar none
  • An article for a family magazine about flying with children
  • A personal essay on visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Southern Methodist University
  • A piece on eating like a college student (cheap and tasty) in Dallas.

And, of course, this blog post! I’ll keep you “posted” about any of these that get published as well as any new ideas that come up.


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