What’s on your Reading List?

April marches on and I’m hoping to spend some time during the days filled with April showers catching up on my reading. As of now I’m working on about ten different books with more waiting in the wings. Currently, on my bedside table you’ll find:

Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel is a really unusual book about how today’s technology could be used, not only to find you the perfect soul mate but also preserve your loved ones electronically when they pass away. Perhaps preserve isn’t the right word; you’ll have to read the book and decide for yourself! I highly recommend it; though the intense combination of humor and heartbreak can be like a roller coaster at times, you’ll be thinking about some of the ethical dilemmas in it for days afterwards.

The Bubble Gum Thief by Jeff Miller stars Special Agent Dagney Gray who, along with every other law enforcement agent in the book, is in hot pursuit of a murderer who began his crime spree by stealing a (you guessed it!) pack of bubble gum from a Mom and Pop store. The problem is that he/she keeps  “upping the ante” on their crimes based on a mathematical formula that means exponentially more people must die each time they kill. The other major problems are Dagney’s mostly unchecked anorexia and the depressing state of her love life. The book is a great read that will hold your attention and deep you guessing until you close the last page. Hopefully it’s the first of a series for Miller.

Clear: A Transparent Novel by Nicola Barker is my first creative nonfiction novel (something else I learned about at the AWP Conference!) about illusionist David Blaine’s starvation campaign, carried out in a clear plastic box dangling in the vicinity of the Thames River in London. The interesting plot twist is that the author doesn’t focus on what’s happening with Blaine, instead she observes the crowd through the eyes of twenty-something Adair Graham MacKenny. Adair is an unlikely hero whose razor-sharp humor and irreverent spirit will leave you laughing even as you may be shocked by the audience’s behavior as Blaine dangles above them, seemingly oblivious to the chaos he’s causing below.

As you can see, my reading list is as eclectic as my writing styles, so I’m open to any of your recommendations as well!


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