Got Cabin Fever? Time to Check out your Local Calendar!

It happens every single frigid, cloudy, nothing-but-dirty-snow-in-sight, February. Despite your best intentions, one day you wake up with a bad case of Cabin Fever.

What’s a writer to do? For me the best medicine is to go to my local newspaper calendar and pick out a few activities (free ones are best!) to go to that week to jolt me out of the seasonal doldrums. A few good places to start include something that involves exercise, an artsy activity, and an outing that will jump-start your intellect. Since Sunday is rarely a day of rest for me, yesterday I spent a few hours at Greek Peak Mountain Resort (at no cost with my seasonal “Parent Pass”, twenty year old ski boots, and slightly younger skis). All the pure white snow and the solitary rides up the hill on the chair lift allowed me to clear my head so I would be ready for the coming work week and the exertion of making it down the slope in one piece got rid of all of the stress that had managed to build up. That afternoon, I attended a free screening of Spike Lee’s Academy Award nominated documentary film “4 Little Girls” about the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960’s and the tragic death of four young African American girls. The film was interview-based and the personal stories and historical context were especially thought-provoking in terms of all the recent discussion about whether Black History Month is still relevant in what some call a “post-racial” America. The event was sponsored by the group “Back to Democracy” so there was also a time for audience comments following the film, providing a timely reminder to me that, though much has changed since the Civil Rights era, other things have not.

Tonight my son and I are braving the cold to attend a lecture at Ithaca College by Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez titled “The Epic Story of Race and U.S. Media” which I’m really looking forward to.
Just getting out of my house to meet new people and hear some new ideas is usually enough to jolt me out of my cabin fever. And on Friday it will be March which means spring is on the way!

How do you beat Cabin Fever?


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