Trouble with Titles?

I love to write. I’m equally comfortable creating business or marketing materials, writing well-researched nonfiction articles or news stories, or crafting poems or some type of fiction. Words flow from my fingers with equal ease, no matter what genre I’m writing in. But if you see me screech to a stop and sit silently staring at a blank page, it’s a safe bet that I’ve come to the point where I need to find a title or headline for my piece. For some reason, the thought of giving my writing a name seems to result in a gigantic brain freeze and, no matter how many times I have to do it, each one is equally torturous. Luckily, I recently came across an article in a “Poets & Writers” magazine that suggested that you go to a home improvements store like Lowes or Home Dept or your local hardware shop when you get stuck and browse through their paint sample names. What a novel and totally delightful suggestion! Not only that, but it gave me some other ideas for fun places to look for ideas. Here are just  a few:

  • Wines: How about “Mommy’s Night Out”, “Razor’s Edge”, or “Revolutionary Red”? Don’t those provide great imagery?


  • Nail Polish Shades (particularly OPI) can have particularly delightfully names! How about “My Address is Hollywood”? Or from the Holland collection, “A Roll in the Hague” or “I Have a Herring Problem”? There are all sorts of interesting possibilities here!


  • Coffee Flavors: My Gimme! favorites include “Leftist Espresso”, “Deep Disco”, and “Platinum Blonde”.

Even if none of these jump right out at you as a good match for your piece of writing, they’re guaranteed to open up your creative brain in new directions. Instead of sweating over things that you find challenging try to find a new door to open. As usual, it’s all in your attitude!


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